Monday, September 17, 2007

Cool idea!

I was talking to a friend of mine this evening and she was telling me all about their family reunion they went to yesterday. I know a few of the family members, so it was funny to hear the antics of the day, especially because a lot of these people are quite the jokesters! One game they played, was where here sister in law had this piece of poster board and had drawn and colored a big happy face on it, and on the happy face, she had a mark, that she called a birth mark. She went around and gave everyone a poker chip, and told them to hang on to it until later. When she called them later, she had them line up toss their poker chip at this happy face, that she had placed on the floor. The winner that came closest to the birth mark would win a romantic candlelit dinner for two. There they were all trying to get the closest so they'd win this wonderful prize. Her one cousin ends up winning and is all excited. So she's presented this box and opens it up to find two containers of microwave Kraft Dinner, two individual pudding cups and couple of candles. Well I guess they really howled at the look on her cousin's face! I can just imagine how they got a good hoot out of that.

Anyway, when they were leaving, she said that all the uncles had gone together and had these personalized cups made up with their family name on them and the Holland flag (they're Dutch) She said they gave a cup to each and every person, children included, so everyone in the entire family has the same cup. I thought that was a pretty cool idea!


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