Monday, September 17, 2007

What's a Gâc?

I thought I was up to date on all the different fruits and vegetables in the world, since I love my fruit and veggies, but I have to say I came across one just now that I have never ever heard of. Gâc is the fruit I'm talking about here. It's a bright red fruit, that grows as large as a cantaloupe, and is native to Asia, particularly Vietnam. Apparently the people there grow this fruit in their home gardens. The Asians cook the red pulp, which has an oily hand to it, and add it to their rice dishes. The bright red color, to them, represents good luck and joy, and this fruit is highly favored for its medicinal qualities. Some claim that gâc is the fruit of the heavens. Loaded with antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and lycopene, gâc is prized with the ability to promote vitality, longevity and overall good health. It's like a gift from nature to the women of Asia due to the rich supply of carotenoids, which help to nourish the skin, therefore keeping a youthful appearance.

Now I don't know about your supermarkets, or produce shops, but I know around my area, there is no availability of getting a hold of any of these gâc fruits. However, we women on this side of the world can still benefit from natures gift by being able to order R.G. Skin Revitalizer, which are gelatin capsules made from red gâc fruit oil. When you think of all the money you spend on lotions and potions to help keep your skin healthy and youthful, you may really want to re-think your ways. They say beauty comes from within, and this really does lend itself true here. Rejuvenate your skin from the inside with the oils from the gâc fruit. Not only are you doing your skin a favor, but your whole body and overall health.


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