Saturday, September 15, 2007

Verdict is in

Okay people, this post concludes the end of testing the bouncing bumpy blue dryer balls. Three tests completed, and the verdict is in. My verdict anyway! In the laundry room should you follow the bouncing balls? Hell no! Save your money and stick to your old ways of drying your clothes. In my opinion they are nothing more than a bumpy chew toy for the dogs, and that's what they are in my house right now. At least they're liking them! But like everything else they get, I'm sure they'll be cast aside in an hour or so, and perhaps never to be chewed again!

My last test was with my microfiber blanket. While they did seem to keep the blanket from twisting into a ball -- at least I think they may have helped -- when I pulled that blanket that was dry in the half an hour by the way, it was full, and I mean loaded full of nasty static! It had my hair reaching out on end from my head with electrical force to join itself to that blanket. I HATE that feeling, and that snapply sound of electric shocks!

I would never ever recommend that anyone ever buy these dryer balls. I think they're a bunch of hooey, and aren't worth the money paid. You can get a better deal at PetSmart for a chewy ball for your dog! My suggestion is to keep on "Bounce"ing along with your "Snuggle"y laundry routine to keep your clothes "Downy" soft and "Cling-free"! And you can bet your ass that I'll be hoping my next laundry day is a day full of sunshine and light breezes so I don't have to use that darned dryer again!


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