Saturday, September 15, 2007

The final test and shiny diamonds

Test number two is complete, the towels are finally dry. I really hate dryer drying! Again it's taken over an hour for this load to dry. I know it's not the dryer, because it's running hotter than I normally would run it on. So my conclusion so far on these fan-dangled bumpy blue dryer balls is that so far they aren't doing what they claim they'll do. If this is supposed to be saving me money on hydro by cutting down on the drying time, I'll have to beg to differ to this point. Are my towels fluffier? I don't think they're really any fluffier than if I hadn't bounced those balls around with them. I guess I'd have to take a picture of them all folded up and then wash them again without the balls and take another picture. I'm not interested in conducting this comparison that closely, so I won't be doing that. In other words, I'm not that friggin' crazy to cause myself more work than I have already!

With that said, I'm giving these balls one last chance before they end up chew toys for the dogs. I've tossed them in once more, this time with a queen sized microfiber blanket. What I'm testing here is not a matter of fluffiness, or drying time, but rather to see if they will prevent this large blanket from twisting itself up into a ball itself. I hate when I have to run downstairs half way through drying time to untwist the load so it will dry properly and I won't have a big damp spot where it was all gnarled around itself. I guess in a sense I am still testing the drying time for this load, because I've remembered to set my little digital timer for a half hour, so I don't waste any more time than I have to. I really do miss having that buzzer on my dryer let me know when it's ready to switch loads. So yet again, we'll have to wait and see how things pan out with the bouncing balls!

On another note, my friend called me a few minutes ago on her cell phone from the theatre so I could hear David Gilmour singing "Shine on you crazy diamond", which is one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs. "Wish you were here" is my all time favorite. If she calls me during that song, I think I'll have to cry for not going!


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