Saturday, September 15, 2007

They're dry!

Well, the first dryer load is finally dry. Oh, and when I checked the setting on my washing machine, I wasn't on the hang dry setting, so that load wasn't on a lighter spin cycle. Anyway, they're finally dry, after almost 1 1/2 hours of drying time. Am I impressed? Not really so far.

So my second load I've just put in the dryer consists of eight towels -- three bath sheets, three bath towels, a beach towel, and a tub towel. Most of these are older towels and aren't as thick as they used to be, so it's not really an overly heavy load, as compared to newer thirstier towels. However, I've stepped out of my comfort zone here, and I skipped adding any dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener. It was hard for me to shut that dryer door only trusting that these bumpy blue balls are going to fluff up my towels and make them soft. At least with a load of towels though, I don't have to really worry about static cling, so that's the only good thing I'm going on here, and the rest is up to those two bouncing balls! We'll see how it goes!


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