Saturday, September 15, 2007

What I gave up today...

Today, I was supposed to go see a concert playing at a local theatre. This is the David Gilmour concert, "Remember That Night - Live At The Royal Albert Hall". I'm a HUGE Pink Floyd fan, and would have loved to see this concert live, but the big screen was going to have to do. I've had my ticket for about a month now, and was looking forward to going. But since I have this stupid cold, and I'm not feeling really good today, I've decided to pass. I don't want to go and just hack a lung through the entire show. So I guess I'll have to wait and get the DVD when it comes out and watch that instead. Not the same as on the big screen and of course no comparison to being there live, but it will have to do.

We were going to go out for dinner after the show, and then to a local bar where a friend of a friend has his band playing tonight. They're really good too, and I always have a good time at their shows, but again, with not feeling up to par, I don't much feel like drinking and partying tonight. Plus I don't think it's a good idea with all the cold medicine I've been ingesting lately.

I know I've passed up on a really fun day, but I need to be feeling better for tomorrow, when I have a can't miss function I have to attend. Friends of ours are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary by re-newing their vows tomorrow, and they'd be really sad if we couldn't make it. So I'll just have to hang out here and catch up on some posting while I test out my dryer balls in the laundry.


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