Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Could I?

Tonight's 649 lottery draw is for a nice tidy sum of 25 million, and I ask... could I win? Please! It would be so wonderful, and I'd be able to help my entire family and many friends too! Yeah, it would be mind blowing all right. There's no doubt there.

What would you do if you won a lottery like this? So many times I hear people say that they wouldn't quit their jobs -- that they may go to part time hours, but they wouldn't quit all together because they'd get too bored. Not me! That would be the first thing I would do! I don't have enough hours in the day as it is now to do all the things I'd like to be able to do, so that's not even a thought I'd have to ponder! It would be instant retirement for me! The second thing I'd do is to book a trip to Hawaii for a couple weeks. I'd do that to go away and collect my thoughts, and figure out how I'm going to divvy up my dollar gifts to my family and friends.

I'd still keep my online shop going, but not for the money though. I'd keep it going because I like to do that, and I'd donate the money I earned from it to charity. I certainly wouldn't need the income it generates, but it would be nice to give that money to somewhere that does need it. Which charity in particular I don't really know. Perhaps a different charity each month to spread the love!

I wouldn't buy a new house here in the city I live in. I'd get this one exactly how I wanted it though, with new furnishings, and that's only because our furniture has seen better days! I would probably invest in some real estate out west, in my home town. That way I would have a place of my own to stay at when I'm there. I think maybe just a nice condo where I wouldn't have any outside maintenance to worry about. Not a luxury condo though -- just a nice place to hang my coat when I'm there, because I'd be able to go there a little more often than I do now, and I'd be able to stay longer too. I'd also buy hubby and myself new vehicles, but they wouldn't be anything outrageous either, although he'd love a luxurious extremely expensive car, like a Lamborghini or something crazy like that. Personally, I'd just like a new car similar to what I have already -- a Pontiac Sunfire -- but mine is 12 years old now, so a new car would be nice. Maybe even a Toyota Camry. They're nice cars, and a little more luxury than my Sunfire.

Probably the most extravagant money I'd spend would be to pay for a trip for myself, my sisters and my brother to go to India. Our grandfather was stationed in India many years ago, while working for the railroad, and that was where our Mother was born. My sisters and I have always thought it would be really cool to go there, and see where mom lived when she was a young girl. The pictures we have of her house are amazing. They remind me of Gone with the wind, with the enormous plantation homes. Her mother was Indian, but she never knew her mom, because she died three days after our mother was born. We're sure that we must have some relatives there, and it would be so cool to go there and see what we can find out.

That's pretty much about all I can think of that I'd do with the money. Like I said though, I'd make life a lot easier for my family and friends, and that's more important to me than blowing a lot of money on frivolous items because you can. I think sharing the wealth would bring much more happiness to me than a lot of high priced material things. But I certainly won't still be going to work every day! I'll be doing what I want! Now if only my lucky numbers come out the shoot tonight! ;-)


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