Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So much excitement!

Last night we went to the Greg Frewin show, and it was fantastic! He's truly amazing, and I would recommend going to see his show if you can. The only problem was it was supposed to be a dinner/show, but apparently there were not enough people for the dinner end of it, so they cancelled that part for the evening. So we had to find somewhere we could go that was nice, served good food, and was fast, since we really only had about an hour to spare. We ended up going to a Chinese restaurant that was close to the theater and gobbled down some yummy food. But we didn't really have time to talk much, and there had been so much going on since we were all together last. So after the show, we went for tea at our one friend's house and chatted for a couple hours, catching up on all the going's on in our lives. While we were there, our friend's daughter came home from a few days away. She had gone up north to the city she went to college at to be in a friend's wedding. She was all excited, and was telling us all about this wedding, and showed us all her cool bridesmaid gifts and party afterwards. Then they all also got a beautiful velvet handbag that would be really nice to use for like a New Years Eve party. It was black, so it matched their dresses, since it was a black and white wedding. she got from her friend. All the girls were given these cute t-shirts and baseball hats that said bridesmaid on them, and of course the maid of honor's said maid of honor. They all wore them the day before the wedding for the rehearsal Inside the bag was this gorgeous sparkly Swarovski pendant. I love Swarovski jewelry! She said it looked so nice with the dress, and I'll bet it did. I gave my girls in my wedding a pearl pendant, and it was small -- nothing compared to this beautiful crystal! I think the next time I'm in a Swarovski store, I'm going to have to check out this pendant and see if I can't talk darling hubby into buying his bride a gift! ;-)


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