Sunday, October 21, 2007

Did I mention...

Sometimes I just want to slap myself for getting into the predicaments that I manage to get myself into. Like for instance, did I ever mention that I hate painting those popcorn ceilings? Whoever invented those types of ceilings should be shot down and pissed on! I tell you, painting that ceiling in my bedroom was an absolute bitch.

Naturally I had to do two coats, because I haven't painted in there for awhile and the paint just soaked up into those nasty little popcorns... well those that didn't drop down on my head or in my face! Now before you say anything, I know I'm supposed to seal those bumpy little buggers with an oil based paint, but I hate painting with oil paint. The only type I will ever paint with is melamine paint, and that's only because I like what can be done with that type of paint, but regular old alkyd paint, forget it! I don't know what the problem was; why it took me so long to do this room's ceiling. I just seemed to whip through that job when I was doing my kitchen a few months ago. So now I'm feeling like I've been beat up. My wrists are killing me from pushing on that roller to get the paint into that nasty popcorn.

I was really hoping to get the walls all painted today, well, not the squares on the feature wall, but the other three walls, and the white base coat for under the squares. All I managed to get done other than the ceiling was the white base coat. Now mind you, I also did five loads of laundry and ran out on a couple errands. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!


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