Sunday, October 21, 2007

A difference of projection

A friend of mine called me today and we got into a little debate during our conversation. She was telling me that they are shopping for a new television. Her hubby wants a larger TV. Which I also have to say, what is it with men and TVs? Not only do they have to maul the remote like it's the most precious thing in their lives, but they have to have the biggest TV they can possibly find! What's up with that? I've been cursing my own husband about our own TV because it's way too heavy to move, but he had to have larger!

Anyway, my friend was telling me they are looking at projection televisions, so I asked her if they were going to buy a screen too or were they going to project it on the wall. She started laughing and told me I was real funny. I didn't think I had said anything funny; I was asking a serious question. She said they were going to buy a TV, not a projector. I asked her why she said they were looking at projection TVs then, and she said because that's what they're looking at buying. So of course I said, well they'd need something to project it on, be it a screen or the wall. By this time, she started getting a little short with me, like I was stupid or something. So I told her about my brother's projection television that he had from years ago when he was in the satellite dish manufacturing business. He had a projector that was installed on the ceiling, and a special screen that the show he was watching was projected onto for them to watch whatever it was they were watching. Finally she understood where I was coming from, and started laughing again and told me she was the idiot in this conversation. She didn't know that you could purchase such a system as this. What they are looking at buying is a
rear projection television. All righty then... now we're understanding each other, and the call ended happy as ever! :-)


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