Monday, October 22, 2007

Disturbing commercial

As a person that works in a bank, and has gone through two robberies in the five years I've worked there, I have to say that I find the latest commercial for Glad garbage bags pretty disturbing and in really bad taste on Glad's part. They're selling some bag called force flex or something like that, and it takes place in a bank. Two robbers come into the bank and one of them tosses one of these garbage bags at a teller and tells her to fill it. Well naturally because it's a garbage bag, it's pretty big. So she dumps her cash into the bag, and this robber keeps yelling at her to fill it. She starts dumping all kinds of things into it, like the phone, stuff like that. Of course Glad wants to show the viewing public that this force flex bag is strong, so they get shots of the corners of the stuff this poor distraught teller is shoving in the bag doesn't tear it. And because this bag is so large, it's taking a long time for it to be filled, so when the robbers walk out of the bank to the police waiting outside, they've got this bag with even one of those large silk trees sticking out of the top. I don't know what Glad was thinking when they made this commercial, but as a bank teller all I can say is it's not funny. For shame... for shame!



AnonymousMeeh said...

what happned to the bank that got robbed???

Olivia said...

Which bank are you referring to?