Monday, October 22, 2007

No Angel in Vegas

My co-worker was back at work today after her weekend junket to Vegas. Sadly she didn't manage to spot that hottie, Criss Angel to get me a picture. I guess he was too busy levitating or astonishing people elsewhere this weekend.

She said they had a great time. Spent way too much money, and did loads and loads of walking! They loved the Cirque's "O" show and were really impressed with Mandolay Bay, where they stayed. She also mentioned that they learned one thing that could have saved them a lot of footsteps. While they were there, they wanted to check out all the different casinos to take in the sights, but like she said, apart from the different themes, they're pretty much really all the same. One casino looks like another when you're inside them, and when I think about it, I would have to agree with her there. You have your slots, and gaming tables. Just the decor may be different, but how much of the decor do you see when you're inside really? Her way of thinking on this has me thinking whenever I go there, I won't be trekking inside every one of the gobs of casinos there. Sure I'll venture out and check out the different structures of the buildings themselves, but I'll save my tootsies from exploring each one individually inside the actual casinos.


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