Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ready, set, SCREAM!

I've never been much of a ride person at any of the Theme Parks around. I don't like spinney
rides, because I'm afraid I'll end up getting sick all over the place and embarrassing the crap out of myself. As roller coasters and all those other high up in the sky rides go, I'm terribly afraid of heights, which is something that developed in me about 15 years ago or so, so those kinds of rides are out too.

But for those of you thrill seekers out there that get a rush from riding the rails of a coaster, then you have to check out Pleasure Beach in Blackpool UK. They've got over a dozen major rides. The Pepsi Max Big One is the coaster you see in the sunset picture above and it's a biggie! Over one mile of rail twists and turns along, picking up speeds of up to 87mph at points, is sure to turn your knuckles white and get the adrenaline flowing. That tall peak you see in the picture stands 235ft high! Way too high for me! New this year, the Infusion is the blue coaster, and it has five loops and rolls. This would be the perfect ride on a hot summer day, because it also has some cool water features that you ride through, which would help cool you off! And for those nostalgic coaster lovers, the Big Dipper (the picture on the far right) is a traditional wooden roller coaster. This coaster is also famous by holding a world record. Some dude rode the Big Dipper for three months straight. We're talking non-stop here! Around and round, up and down all day and all night for three entire months! Now that's just crazy! I can't think of anything I'd ever want to do all day every day for three months!

One cool thing I liked about Pleasure Beach's website, is that you can virtually ride most of the major rides. Although even that makes me a little queasy, but it's great for you coaster lovers! Apart from these major rides, there are also over 30 different family rides that the kiddos that don't fit height requirements on the coasters can have fun on, as well as some cool indoor attractions like the 4D Cinema. Check it out! Even this ridephobe typing this post thought it was cool!


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