Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A little tight on cash?

Years ago, before my hubby and I were married, we needed to borrow a small amount of money -- only $700.00. Neither one of us had ever had a credit card at that time, and we were desperate so we went to see a loans officer at the bank we dealt at. We were shocked that they didn't want to bother with us for such a small amount. They suggested we use a credit card, rather than take out a loan for a menial amount. After me crying in that loan officer's office and telling her that neither one of us had a credit card to use, and how we really needed this money, I must have hit a soft spot in her heart, because she gave in and drew up the paperwork that they said was a waste of their time, and granted us that loan.

These days it's much easier for people like us that are in a similar predicament and just need to borrow what is seen by the big banks a menial amount of money that isn't worth doing the paperwork for. A payday lender is easy to find for a payday loan. You'll easily find them on the Internet, and most cities have several such businesses around town where you can go get a small amount of cash for your financial emergency.

Even for people looking for larger cash loans that may not have the best credit history, or even no credit history, there are several companies around that will grant a bad credit personal loan, which I think is a good thing. Lots of people that have some skeletons in their credit closet have learned from their mistakes, and this type of loan offers them not only the instant financial help they need, but it also gives them a chance to help rebuild their good credit.


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