Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh yeah, I just remembered!

Still on the ATC topic... kind of! This morning I was poking around on eBay to see if there were any ATC cards, or cool collage stuff for sale. I came across this one woman's cards that I really liked. I can't remember her eBay name, but most of her cards were done like altered art. I love that kind of stuff -- altered books, altered cards, etc. She had a few cards for sale, and she had also made some really cool jewelry as well. It had that kind of altered look to it too. Mostly she had pins, but she also had a couple of pendants. It's kind of funny, because on a recent trip to Michaels I had bought this book with all these cool projects in it, and some of them were jewelry pieces, which was why I actually bough the book. So after seeing this woman's work and remembering my book, I want to try my hand at making some neato stuff for the girls at work for Christmas this year, and of course, some goodies for me too! Again, something more to stress about getting it done on time! But it's all good! ;-)


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