Sunday, October 21, 2007

See, I have no time!

It's 1:30 am here right now, and I better get my butt to bed. I've got a breakfast date tomorrow with my mother in law and a friend of mine and her hubby. We're all going on vacation together next month to Cuba, so we're getting together to yak about it. My MIL and I have never been there before, but my friends have been there several times, so they're going to answer all our questions about what to expect, what to pack, what kind of stuff to take to give to the locals, etc. And she's also got our tickets from the travel agent, because she works in a bank next door to the agency that did our booking. So after breakie tomorrow, it will all seem more official having the tickets and all! So exciting!

Night all! Zzzzzzzz...


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