Monday, October 22, 2007

Two idiots today!

Yesterday I was talking about the "You are an Idiot!" segment on my radio station, and told you about the person I dubbed an idiot that I had come across while bringing my flooring home. Well today, I have not one, but two idiots to bitch about!

This morning, while I was heading to work, as usual, I went my regular route, and then cursing myself for going that way, because there is some real pain the ass construction I have to weave through. So I'm at the stop light, that's always flashing red, and there are flaggers directing traffic. Because three of the directions are down to one lane for a stretch, they are only letting one direction of traffic go at a time. Now it's my turn to go. The flagger has the "SLOW" sign up and is waving me through to make my left hand turn. I get out in the middle of the intersection ready to make my turn, when all of a sudden this man in the oncoming lane starts to go, and just whisks on by me, inches away from my bumper that's in a turn. So I had to slam on the brakes and honk at him! The flagger from his part of the road is just shaking his head, while still holding his "STOP" sign up to the rest of the traffic. So to the impatient one that doesn't know how to read a simple traffic sign, nor have the slightest bit of brain to think it's a major construction zone and those people holding those signs are there for a reason, you sir, are an idiot!

Now it's lunchtime, and I always come home for lunch. My bank is only about five minutes away from home, so it's nice to be able to get away from work and come home and relax for my hour lunch. I remembered to come home an alternative route, to avoid the construction chaos the other way. So I'm at a red light, waiting to turn left once again. I'm first in line, and I know there's going to be an advance turning light for both me and the oncoming traffic. The expected green turning arrow comes up, and I start my turn. All of a sudden this old man that is going strait, coming my way decides to go too. Um, it's an advance Mister! So once again I had to slam my brakes on and wait for him to clear my path, and of course, shake my head in disgust at him as he drove past me with a dumb-ass what's your problem lady kind of look on his face. All I can say once again is, I know you're an old man, and you're probably a nice old man, but you sir, are an idiot!

Now it's only Monday, so I don't know what way to head to and from work for the rest of the week! From today's events, it kind of seems like I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't! :-?


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